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When we talk about a company brand, most people usually think about a logo or a tagline. Both are important elements to building the brand, but they fall short in providing a company’s customers a true brand experience. It’s this overall experience that builds brand loyalty.

Let’s take a look at how to take your brand beyond a cool-looking logo and catchy tagline:

How is your brand unique? In order to establish a credible brand, you need to identify the experiences, human qualities and even values your customers would associate with your brand. To do this, you need to ask yourself: What are the core attributes that define your brand and set you apart? Who are you, to whom and why? This will help you create your brand’s foundation

Look at every aspect of your business. A customer might be drawn to a brand based on the way its logo looks and the image it projects, but loyalty doesn’t last on looks. A customer could receive a poor customer service experience and be done with your company forever. All companies must think about all aspects of the business — from an internal memo, product packaging, advertising, customer service, and even the corporate website. It all matters, especially if you want your business to deliver on what your brand promises.

Understand what your brand means and to whom. After you establish your brand position and evaluate all aspects of your business, you need to look at how your audience views your brand. This includes employees and customers. Outside perspective is a great way to gather input and create meaningful and impactful messages. By understanding what your brand means to each audience, you can refine, prioritize and tailor messages that matter most.

Create a powerful identity. Yes, image is important, and this does include the logo. This image should express your company’s personality and position. The identity is the look and feel of your brand, and includes the colors, fonts, pictures, copy and overall tone you want to project. What’s key is to make sure you create impactful messages and images that are easily recognizable. It’s all about cutting through the clutter and setting your company apart.

Keep engaging your audience. A great way to communicate and an engage your audience is through relevant content. Content is a great way to communicate your brand’s value and demonstrate thought leadership to your audience, helping to build trust and nurturing loyal brand advocates.

Ensuring your company brand remains strong requires consistent management. However, if you establish a great foundation from the start, your brand can withstand the test of time. Are you ready to build your brand beyond the logo?