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On average, companies dedicate a quarter of their marketing budgets to content marketing – a number that’s likely to increase as content marketing was voted the top marketing activity to drive commercial results in 2015.

It’ easy to understand why content marketing has become king. Today’s consumers hold the power to tune out your marketing message if they don’t like what they’re hearing. They’re also consuming and creating their own content at a higher rate than ever. In fact, a recent study revealed Millennials consume a whopping 18 hours of media per day across multiple sources, often simultaneously.

Marketers’ top goals also now focus much more heavily on developing long-term relationships with audiences, with the top three goals being customer relationship/loyalty (88 percent), engagement (88 percent) and brand awareness (87 percent). Content marketing is a useful tool in achieving all three goals.

With a growing number of marketers shifting focus, the competition to draw in your audience will be even tougher. This means it’s more critical than to understand the purpose of content marketing and the need for a thorough strategic plan with well-defined KPIs.

The infographic below highlights the importance of and opportunities within the scope of content marketing.

WhiteHot Marketing Content Marketing Infographic