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We all know that social media is a networking game changer and should always be utilized. One of the great things about social media is that you can have multiple accounts and each one has something new to offer. Whether you know it or not, you do have a favorite form of social media that caters to your personality. Take this quiz to find out what your favorite social media says about your personality.

  1. What do you usually post on social media?
    1. Albums full of pictures
    2. Links to websites
    3. Business related news
    4. Daily selfie
    5. “How to” DIY projects
    6. Filtered pictures of your food
  1. When do you usually post to social media?
    1. When you need to vent
    2. After a major event
    3. During the business day
    4. When you’re bored
    5. When you’re looking for a fun project
    6. After you take the perfect picture
  1. Who do you follow most on social media?
    1. Family
    2. Celebrities
    3. Businesses
    4. Friends
    5. DIY blogs
    6. Artists
  1. What do your pictures look like on social media?
    1. Multiple pictures uploaded at once
    2. A funny meme
    3. Professional headshot
    4. Goofy picture with dog ears
    5. Picture of something you made
    6. Picture of the landscape
  2. What is your favorite thing about social media?
    1. Staying connected with family and friends
    2. Instant updates of current events
    3. Networking with other professionals
    4. The fun filters
    5. Crafting ideas
    6. Showing off your photography skills


Facebook (mostly A)

  • You are old-school, not MySpace old-school, but you’ve been around the internet for awhile. You love to stay in touch with your family and friends. You want to do more than just like a status or picture, you want to explain why you liked their post. You what to share everything with the world, while still controlling who can see your entire history. You like reading the posts that are paragraphs long. You live vicariously through your friend’s vacation photos. You can learn a lot about a person through their Facebook page; what books they like, who their family members are, their relationship status, what they were doing last weekend, and so much more.

Twitter (mostly B)

  • You’re all about keeping it short and sweet. You want to tell others your thoughts and feelings without the bothersome, drawn-out replies that are on Facebook. You don’t want to be censored by the man; you post what you please and don’t care who sees. You want to get your news in real time and chose what you see on your newsfeed. You base your popularity on the amount of followers you have on you profile.

LinkedIn (mostly C)

  • You are professional and understand the importance of networking through social media. You want to focus on work and not be distracted by silly cat pictures or videos. You want to branch out, connect with old friends/co-workers and potential employers/clients. You are there to talk to others in your field and learn the new business trends, not argue over if some video was offensive or not.

Snapchat (mostly D)

  • You’re young and tech-savvy. You love taking selfies and sharing it with your friends. You aren’t looking for anything long-term. You give your friends 10 seconds to see your pictures/videos and then it’s gone forever. If you want to keep your picture because your eyebrows were “on fleek”, you can screenshot your creation. You love playing with the filters and don’t care who “likes” your picture. You’re more into having fun than worrying about what social media can do for you professionally.

Pinterest (mostly E)

  • You are artistic, creative, and love DIY projects. You’re a likeable person who likes to share ideas with others. You are resourceful and find content from the deep web. You have other ways of communicating with your friends, such as speaking with them in person. You are there to share your creations, find new ideas, and see what your friends are enjoying. You aren’t there for business, you use it for relaxation and fun.

Instagram (mostly F)

  • You have a passion for photography. You can turn your poor quality iphone pictures into works of art through filters and angles. You love sharing your life with the world, whether that is your cute pet or the delicious meal you prepared. You don’t mind who sees what you post and want to know what others think. You are a visual person, you want to see what your friends and family or even celebrities are doing.