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We’re back with even more successful social media campaigns to inspire your marketing efforts and get your creative juices flowing. In part one, we covered how brands use Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat to drive brand awareness, increase engagement and boost sales. Now, let’s dive into how we can use Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest (and more) to create better buzz.


STARBUCKS: Creating FOMO with the Holiday Spirit
For the past couple of years around the holidays Starbuck has been challenging its customers to use their inner creativity – and no one wants to miss out. Starbucks invites customers to take pictures with their signature red cups and post using the hashtag: #RedCupContest. The contest winners get $500. They received over 40,000 entries, which majorly boosted their social media presence and sales.

best social media campaigns instagram starbucks

FASHION NOVA: Big Names Bring Buzz
Fashion Nova’s use of influencer marketing is off the charts. They have a nice blend of big and small names involved such as Cardi B and Kylie Jenner. Jenner alone recently brought in 2.7 million likes and over 550 thousand comments. Fashion Nova is most known for their jeans that are designed for different body types. The brand’s used up to 5,000 influencers not only spread brand awareness, but also helped display how their jeans fit on a wide range of body types.

Note: Naturally, most brands won’t have the budget required to work with global celebrities (wouldn’t that be nice?). However, companies can take examples such as these and apply them on a smaller scale. Remember: influencers come in all forms – from local celebrities to industry leaders to well-followed and active users.

best social media instagram jeans

AIRBNB: Taking a Stand to Create Conversation
The decision to speak out on subjects that appear “political” is tough for brands. Companies such as Airbnb, however, show that it’s possible to take a stand on important issues without being seen as controversial. Airbnb’s #WeAccept campaign took a much different tone than their usual posts – and paid off.

The campaign kicked off with an inspiring video that currently has around 112,000 likes and over 600 comments. Each #WeAccept post showed a people from different parts of the world and included a story or message of acceptance. The campaign received tons of positive engagement, showing that sometimes being political can work in your favor.

best social media campaigns instagram airbnb


FOUR SEASONS: Aligning Brand with Audience Aspirations

A big part of marketing is aligning your brand with the aspirational goals of your audience – and Pinterest is the perfect place to do so. Luxury hotel chain Four Seasons uses the platform to create boards for a travel-minded audience.

Rather than directly push the brand, Four Seasons’ Pinterest boards feature beautiful destinations, delicious food, fun entertainment and great fashion to get people dreaming about their ideal life. With close to 56,000 followers and around 4,400 pins, the brand continues to successfully use Pinterest to connect with consumers and be the go-to for luxury travel ideas.

pinterest boards social media campaign four seasons


L’OREAL: Offering a Behind-the-Scenes Look into Business
While most big B2C brands do not give LinkedIn a second thought, L’Oreal capitalized on that by tailoring content to business-minded readers. Content topics touch on everything from the future of innovation and career advice to helpful case studies that offer behind-the scenes looks into the beauty business. L’Oreal is ranked 9th for LinkedIn’s most influential companies with around 1.14 million followers and counting.

FX: Humorous Take on a Business Platform
FX took a hilarious approach to promoting the launch of a new show Baskets. The company created a LinkedIn page for the main character, Chip Baskets. His profession? A clown. The profile included Baskets’ work experience, original blogs and recommendations. Baskets has over 500 real connections. Not usually a big brand’s first choice for entertainment promotion, but it was creative and worked out well for them.

best social media campaigns linkedIn baskets


OFFICEMAX: Viral Holiday Fun
OfficeMax created the “Elf Yourself” campaign that let you turn you or your friend’s face into little dancing elves that you could share on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. The campaign went viral and before you knew it everyone was turning themselves, friends and even celebrities into elves. According to Forbes, 122 million elves were created that holiday season.

best social media campaigns elf yourself office max

THE DAILY SHOW: A Google Search Scavenger Hunt
Imagine your campaign being so creative and buzzworthy that you are put up for nomination for the 2016 Webby Awards for Best Use of Data Driven Media. Well, that is exactly what happened for the minds at Comedy Central when it came time to reveal the new host of The Daily Show.

The network essentially created an internet-wide scavenger hunt for their new host. They used Google ads to promote exclusive videos all about new host Trevor Noah. They paired Noah’s name with popular search terms, such as Trevor Noah girlfriend, Trevor Noah age and other common inquiries people search when looking up celebrities.

Naturally these searches created a lot of traffic and awareness for the network and the show, garnering 38 million impressions and 2.8 million views according to Adhere Creative. This is one of our personal favorites for its creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

A successful social media campaign is all about knowing your target audience and catering content that sparks their interest. Whether you opt to work with influencers or take a cheeky approach to posting, the right blend of strategy and creativity can equal big buzz for brands.