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By WHM Intern: Jenny Carter

When done right, social media campaigns can boost brand awareness, generate leads and take your marketing to the next level. It’s also a great space for getting creative with your marketing strategy.

We find tons of inspiration in fun social campaigns and gathered a list to highlight a few of our recent favorites. These serve as examples of how to grab attention, use influencer marketing, and create engaging conversations among your target audiences. From big brands such as Target down to individuals like DJ Khaled, check out the campaigns below to get your creative juices flowing.


IKEA: Creative Fan Contest
What is one thing better than IKEA furniture? FREE IKEA furniture!

And IKEA knew that. The brand posted a picture from one of their showrooms in a new store opening in Sweden. They told their followers that the first person to tag themselves as a piece of furniture would win the furniture. Any furniture or accessory in the picture was fair game. This campaign led to a 2010 Gold Cyber Lion Award at Cannes.

Ikea Facebook Campaign

LAYS: Using Customer Creativity to Drive Sales
This Lay’s campaign is one you may have heard of: The “Do Us a Flavor” campaign. Lay’s decided to let fans come up with their next new chip flavor. The top three submissions were sold in stores so that fans could try them out, then vote on their favorite flavor. The winning flavor was added as a permanent option in stores worldwide.

The campaign was incredibly successful not only for awareness and customer engagement, but also for driving sales. According to Ambassador, the campaign increased sales by 12 percent and generated over one billion Facebook impressions.


TACO BELL: Creating Conversations for Increased Social Presence
Maybe it is just the child in me, but I found this one thoroughly entertaining. Taco Bell had a fun and original social media campaign with the #TacoEmojiEngine. If you tweeted at Taco Bell with a taco emoji plus one other emoji, Taco Bell would reply with a combination of the two and a cute little saying. This further increased Taco Bell’s already large social media presence. How can you go wrong with tacos and emojis?

MARC JACOBS: Pop-Up Tweet Shop Publicity
Imagine a world where you could afford expensive things from big brands such as Marc Jacobs with nothing but a hashtag? Well Marc Jacobs made that a reality in London with their pop-up tweet shop. All users had to do was use the hashtag #MJDaisyChain to win the brand’s signature Daisy perfume. The most-liked or most captivating posts on Instagram or Twitter also received jewelry and exclusive bags. This caught on like wild fire and was free publicity for Marc Jacobs with little to no effort.

The pop-up shop featured a live DJ, free coffee bar, a place to get your nails done and more. The event and social campaign tied together to create a sense of community in real-time. Not only did it garner attention, but it was also a clever way for Marc Jacobs to gather data on their customers by analyzing the demographics of their tweets. The campaign was so successful, the brand has continued to create a new pop-up shop each year since 2014. To read more about this fascinating campaign you can check it out here.

Marc Jacobs Pop Up Tweet Shop
DOMINOS: Simplifying the Buying Process for Better Customer Experiences
Dominos made it extremely easy to order their pizza. All a customer needed to do was register their Twitter handle on Dominos website, then tweet the pizza emoji to Dominos to place a delivery order. One quick tweet and customers had pizza arriving at their door – making it by far the easiest way to order a pizza.

ALEX AND ANI: Customer Service as a Marketing Tool
A jewelry company, Alex & Ani wanted to take customer service as a marketing tool to the next level. The jewelry company Alex & Ani decided that no matter what they were going to reply to every tweet they received. No excuses, no breaks on holidays, nothing. The decided to make a conscious effort to be there for their customers and it worked. The campaign transformed the way Alex & Ani customers spoke about the brand on social media.


DJ KHALED: The King of Snapchat
Who knew only ten seconds could do so much for you? DJ Khaled is a master when it comes to the Snapchat game. He has essentially created his own brand, his own phrases, and promoted his music. They call DJ Khaled the “King of Snapchat” and rightfully so with each of his snaps getting 3+ million views. He is definitely the social media marketer that we all dream of being one day.

TACO BELL: Cinco de Mayo Filter Drive Views
One of the most successful Snapchat campaigns to happen with 224 million views and enough 12.5 years’ worth of play time, Taco Bell’s Cinco de Mayo Taco filter set records. This campaign actually beat out Gatorade’s Super Bowl filter which originally generated 165 million views according to AdWeek. The “taco head” filter featured the brand’s signature bell sound. This is definitely going to be a hard campaign to beat.

Taco Bell Cinco de Mayo Snapchat Filter
STAR WARS: Targeting the Right Influencers
Powered by influencers, Star Wars used Snapchat to promote their new BB-8 toy. The brand’s Snapchat posts were getting around 2 million views per day. One day even generated over 6 million views, according to the Wall Street Journal. By working with social media influencers such as Sphero, Naritiv, and Shonduras, the company sold out of product in a matter of hours.

The marketing campaign didn’t use any paid advertising, and instead targeted influencers interested in travel, tech and Star Wars to help spread the word. The success of the campaign was largely due to finding the right people to promote it and the right people to promote it to.

There you have it – a quick rundown of a few of our favorite social media campaigns from Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. We’ll see you back for Part 2 to cover Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and a few multi-platform campaigns to keep you inspired.