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What can your brand learn from #SB50 social media? First off, and I cannot stress this enough, don’t fall victim to #FOMO. #FOMO stands for “fear of missing out”. There are 2 teams in the spotlight and countless brands paying top dollar for ad spots. Your brand isn’t likely to fall on the spectrum of having influence in this space and will likely be churned up by the amount of tweets and Facebook posts from general fans.

The biggest head-scratchers this year were ads targeting stomach ailments but the worst #FOMO tweet came to us from Kotex:

Make it personal.

The most glaring weakness of brands advertising in this Super Bowl  was the lack of emotion and personal connection with consumers. Remember the Chevy and Budweiser commercials of old that pulled at the heart strings? Not many brands tried to capitalize on emotion this year and it really showed with consumers. Jeep was the only brand that tried to resonate emotionally to viewers:

Weird can work for some.

Likely your brand isn’t competing against Dorito’s or Mountain Dew. That said, those brands show why you need a customer profile for all your customers. WhiteHot Marketing makes sure that we build a customer profile for our customers and ties messaging to their buying stages. We do this to make sure the messaging resonates with your customers and we can measure the effectiveness to prove that the campaign works.

Take for example the Puppy, Monkey, Baby campaign for Mountain Dew. They knew their demographic would be watching the big game, would be in tune for the first round of commercials and would need a big pick me up the morning after. They released one of the weirdest commercials of the night but it worked for them. Even non-demographic consumers engaged and retweeted. While many are never going to buy Kickstart, the ad did its job of spreading the message with something oddly memorable.

So what can your brand do?

  • Make sure you do your research. Craft messaging that resonates with your audience at the right time and on the right platform. (No #FOMO.)
  • Connect with your audience through emotional triggers that they are likely to engage with and share.
  • Be sure to have your measurements in place so that you can connect your campaign to a goal and create a dashboard so that everyone in your company is on the same page, from president down the line.
  • And if it doesn’t work, keep refining the process and message until you find your sweet spot.

Most importantly, always be gracious in defeat.