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Student Housing Property Lease-up Programs

WHM-PORTFOLIO-work-kick-commuteAnnex Student Living develops multi-family housing for students at regional university and community college campuses across the country. With the challenge of reaching prospective students across wide geographic areas, WhiteHot Marketing leverages digital marketing.

The team provides each Annex property manager and their student ambassadors with periodic digital campaigns designed to inform and attract prospective residents to the idea of living close to campus, in lieu of commuting.

WhiteHot Marketing works hand in hand with the Annex property management team to provide strategic lease-up direction and big ideas, as well as marketing materials and other supportive collateral.

Services Provided:

  • Strategic planning
  • Collateral development
  • Content development
  • Ad campaign development
  • Social media strategy & program management
  • Digital marketing
  • Community relations

Social Media Toolkit: Kick the Commute

With the “Kick The Commute” campaign, WhiteHot Marketing created a toolkit for each Annex community that highlighted the benefits of living across the street from campus rather than commuting. The tun-key kits included content and hashtags for social media, as well as suggestions and schedules for on-campus activities for student ambassadors and property managers to use in community outreach.

With objectives for lease-up in mind, property managers from each housing community have found the campaign to be a large asset in meeting occupancy goals. In just over one full quarter of the campaign in action, there was an astounding increase in awareness, interest and signed leases across all communities, including 40% increase in occupancy at one particular location.

Many campus officials also saw great value in the Kick the Commute campaign and encouraged brand ambassadors to attend special events on campus in order to promote the Annex.

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