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Margaret Osborn, President and Founder

I once had a very well-respected cardiac surgeon and hospital administrator call me out in an executive team meeting as a schizophrenic. What? After a deliberate pause he explained that he didn’t understand how a person could be so strategic and analytical and, at the same time, so creative. I took that then – and still today – as the ultimate compliment.

I’m a bit fanatical about developing new ideas and solving problems. I do so by using processes and data to make sound decisions, but I also believe that once in while you just have to go with your gut. I’ve had the privilege to counsel a host of business owners and executives in establishing strategic communications plans, generating national press, launching unique social media strategies and building profitable brands.

My career started fresh out of Ball State University at an old-school printing company. I took my degree in journalism and my love for design to this small Broad Ripple area business where I served as a “Mac Wizard” (aka graphic designer) and also picked up the weekly lunch pizzas we traded for print services (that, I believe, was under “other duties as assigned”).

For 15 years I worked as the director of marketing, planning and PR for a hospital system. I loved the challenge of a county-owned system competing with “the big 3” networks. I took the initiative to develop customer relations and patient satisfaction programs to impact our market share. I also coordinated the launch of several multi-million-dollar facility additions. It was there that I learned to appreciate and truly covet the consultants’ side of the table. I left to work as the VP of a marketing agency before launching WhiteHot Marketing in 2009.


Little Known Facts …

I started out as an instrumental music major (also known as a band geek) at a well-known Division 1 school featuring a beloved Bulldog as its mascot. I had visions of being a professional musician. So I’d sit in my sound-proof, padded practice room (sound like a cell?) for hours a day and wondered what I was doing with my life. And then one day, an English Lit professor pulled the misguided veil off my eyes after I earned an A+ on a 30-page thesis about the papacy. She was the first person to encourage me to be a communicator. Four colleges, a bachelor’s and master’s degree, a slew of good and mediocre bosses, and a gaggle of entrepreneurial mentors I’m eternally grateful to later, I am right where I want to be.

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