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Who remembers printing stacks of fact sheets, press releases and executive bios — then placing them in fancy looking folders with business card stuck in the pre-made slits? You can kiss those days goodbye because the traditional press kit has gone the way of the VHS tape. It has been replaced by something better, more sophisticated and far easier to access at a moment’s notice. The best part? You can now be far more creative in showcasing your organization’s best attributes while also saving a few dozen trees in the process.

The digital press kit can be many things, depending upon what your business does and the audience you’re trying to reach. It offers far more variety than the old paper press kit that only included fact sheets, press releases and bios. It also allows you the flexibility to make updates at any time.

In real estate? Offer the media an exclusive sneak peek of interactive models and features in your upcoming properties and measure how many of those people are clicking through. Looking to reach tech bloggers? You can design a demo of a new solution just for the press with all the bells and whistles, completely online. Consider using password-only access so the media understands it’s an exclusive meant just for them (and to prevent the competition from seeing what you have too early). Present videos and content that can’t be found anywhere else, no matter the industry your company represents.

Along with the unique and fun things that can be used to demonstrate your business offerings and what sets your company apart from the competition, you should keep the more traditional press items available, but store them on a dedicated press page on your website. Include bios with embedded video so your CEOs words can be heard straight from him or her. Facts sheets can be offered as easily downloadable files. Include brochures that flip pages, Power Point presentations that wow and continuously update the page with your best press coverage. Last but certainly not least make sure to include easy to find contact information.

The point of the press kit is to make peoples’ jobs easier. Give them easy access to interesting, eye-catching information. Offer the press kit to the media, bloggers or influencers at any time instead of saving it for an event. It’s there, ready and waiting for their attention.