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At WhiteHot Marketing, we’re always interested in helping aspiring marketing professionals gain real world experience through internships. Meet our intern, Sam, and find out more about what he hopes to accomplish during his time as a WhiteHot intern.

As I begin my internship with Whitehot Marketing, I’m excited to gain experience in the field I’ll be starting a career in when I graduate a year from now.

My major, which is social media business applications and marketing, has me leaning toward a career that is focused on social media. As much as I’ve learned about digital and social media marketing in school, I believe that it’s necessary for me to gain real world experience in order to fully understand the industry and feel confident as a digital marketer.

I don’t currently have a very clear vision of what I want my life to be like post-grad, but I am certain that starting a full time job after graduation will be less intimidating after this experience.

I feel that this internship will help me increase my knowledge of social media marketing, as well as give me an idea about how that knowledge can be applied in real business scenarios.

I hope to become more comfortable working with marketing professionals and clients so that I will be confident that I can succeed when I start my career. I am also hoping to learn to use social media in a marketing context, as I think that may be something I will do often throughout my career.

Overall, I am excited to gain experience before graduating college, as I’m sure that it will greatly benefit me in the future. If, at the end of the summer, I have done things I hadn’t done before, gotten to create marketing content for use on social media, and have a somewhat clearer vision for what I want my career to look like post-grad, then I will consider this internship to have been a great success.