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This September marks WhiteHot Marketing’s nine-year anniversary. We wouldn’t have evolved to where we are without the support of our partners, employees and clients – current and past.

This note is intended to thank each of you for playing a role in our ability to serve so many clients over the years.

We’re all in this together.

It’s true in business and in life. A key reason we’re still here and continue to get better at what we do is the support of peers and business mentors. And most notably, lessons learned from clients we’ve served.

We’re at our best when we support and encourage one another. We continue to ride this small business rollercoaster and do what we do because our greatest satisfaction comes from being of service. Of course, a paycheck is a fundamental necessity. But we’re really in this to solve business challenges and see our clients grow, evolve and succeed.

In honor of our anniversary, here are nine things you may not know about WhiteHot Marketing:

  • 100% of our business has come from referrals.
  • We’re “process people” who rock at coming up with creative and compelling content.
  • At least 74 organizations have engaged our services.
  • Our team excels at developing brands and launching companies and products.
  • We’ve consulted with clients from California to Connecticut, and Australia to Northern Europe.
  • Real estate and health care historically have comprised the largest volume of our business, and we also serve many technology, manufacturing and service organizations.
  • At our largest, we numbered 10 employees. Lean by design, however, is our sweet spot.
  • We’ve always engaged a host of hard-working interns and subject-matter-expert sub-contractors.
  • We like tequila. In a margarita or sipped simply on the rocks, we like tequila (and clients who bring us tequila).

Please let us know how we can help your business reach its full potential. Thank you for continuing to refer us when the opportunity arises.