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Leasing consultants often are asked to wear multiple hats. First and foremost, they’re supposed to be selling their property but often also find themselves thrown into the daily operations of the company.

The best leasing agents can jump from giving a tour, appeasing an unhappy resident, filling out paperwork for a new lease or even calling on tenants who are late in paying their rents. Agents just have to jump right in to get the job done.

We’ve found that being flexible and adaptable to different personality types are keys to multifamily marketing success. Managing innumerable types of customers isn’t easy. We’ve identified four key personality types to look for when selling your product. Understand how to communicate with each of them and you’ll make them fall in love with you and your property.


You guessed it. This person is like a grumpy man, often straight forward, to the point and blunt. He doesn’t want to hear about the yearly cleaning service you offer, the online payment portal or the free use of the community amenities. He starts asking questions right off the bat before you can get to your introduction and seems like he takes complete control of the tour. But don’t worry. These may be one of the easiest sales at the end of the day, just make sure you know your stuff. Bulls aren’t easily impressed or swayed by emotions; however, if you are able to answer their questions quickly and directly they will be on board. If they ask if trash removal is included in the rent, your reply is “yes” or “no.” Be straight to the point.


I often find myself referring to the Lamb as my Auntie Jean. I don’t have an Aunt Jean, but I imagine if I did she’d be quiet, soft-spoken and very sweet. The Lamb is often a caregiving kind-hearted people pleaser. Auntie Jean likes to be greeted with a big smile and a kind hello at the door. She sits back and listens to every word before engaging in the conversation. A soft kind voice, pleasant smile and good eye contact are going to keep the Lamb interested and engaged.


The Owl is wise. Cliché right? Owls are detail oriented and asks many questions. Many times they will have a pen and paper in hand to jot down any notes and important details they want to analyze later. Owls can be intimidating at times. Their questioning of everything may cause you to stumble. Be prepared, confident and certain your answers are correct before you blurt them out. Take your time, speak slowly and stay focused. You know your product and service better than anyone else.


I saved Tigers for last because they are my favorite. I loved seeing a Tiger walk through the door because I knew I could have some fun with him or her. Tigers are positive, exciting and energetic. They want to be involved in conversation, not so much a memorized paragraph. Engagement from Tigers are so expressive, many times these will be the longest conversations with any lead or prospect. Be ready for a barrage of questions and reply with an energy and excitement for your product. A Tiger is excited about being there and ready to experience it. You can really sell a Tiger on the awesome time they will have at your property and all of the opportunities they will have available to them. The more excited you are the more excited they will be.