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Examining the ways marketers are using artificial intelligence and how it’s changing the competitive landscape.

Every year people get swept up in the latest trends. Whether it’s purchasing the newest iPhone or trying out the latest health crazy. Industries are subject to their own trends and one that seems to be making its way into the workplace for many (including marketers) is artificial intelligence (AI).

It makes sense after all. Why work harder when you can work smarter, right?

According Content Marketing Institute, AI is starting to creep its way into most aspects of marketing, from advertising and personalized web experience all the way to generating interactive content.

Getting to Know Your Customers

One of the favorite features of AI is the insight it can offer into your customers’ behavioral patterns. AI takes a lot of hard work out of market research by gathering, calculating and making sense of data far faster than a human team could do it.

These AI algorithms can help marketers build in-depth customer persona profiles to help them better meet and understand audience needs, build deeper connections and brand loyalty, and provide the best possible user experience.

Building Better Experiences

A greater understanding of customers better enables personalization, a benefit to brands in a time when audiences are expecting increasingly meaningful experiences. In fact, personalized content is shown to be exponentially more effective that non-personalized content.

From using machine-learning algorithms that create customized product recommendations to employing chatbots for automated customer support, marketers continue to leverage AI technology to achieve marketing objectives.


A Challenging New Battleground

With AI constantly advancing, companies keeping up with such advancements are gaining a competitive edge, leaving technologically challenged companies in the dust.

“Most brand experiences will be delivered through AI by 2025,” says Ben Lamm of Adweek. “The only question is whether your brand will still exist.”

AI can help brands become more consistent, customer-centric and tailor content and services based on consumer needs.

But the more brands utilize these tactics, the more customers come to expect exceptional service and personalization.

“If you believe your brand has to fight to be distinct and memorable in today’s landscape, you already believe you need AI,” says Lamm. “That’s why it is the new battleground for brand marketing.”

Feeling the pressure yet?

Well, if you are truly considering incorporating AI into your business’s marketing (hint: you should be), we’ll be back with Part 2: Incorporating AI into Your Marketing Strategy.