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Katie Nelson, Account Manager

Growing up I was described as a shy little girl who always had the ability to make any crazy idea a reality. I was persistent in my ways and usually succeeded—even at the cost of an occasional timeout on the stairs. Fast forward to today and you can still describe me as a little quiet in new crowds, but usually energetic with a sincere desire to bring ideas to life.

If you asked anyone who has worked with me to describe my strongest skillset, they would tell you I consistently bring a solutions-oriented mindset to daily challenges. I admit, I am energized by client challenges and believe no challenge is too big to tackle. I once was tasked to help restore a crumbling brand for a large insurance company. To many, what seemed like an impossible feat was totally possible from my point of view. Two years later a fresh, new brand was launched and the company experienced steady growth and positive ratings.

My journey in the marketing world began with a degree from Indiana University in Journalism. After serving time in the public sector at the Indiana House of Representatives, I realized I had untapped skills I could utilize in marketing and brand management. I worked much of my career for a supplemental health insurance company where I helped rebuild their brand. After serving time in the corporate world, I realized I could apply my experience and desire to help smaller organizations flourish. This is when I discovered WhiteHot Marketing. A solutions-oriented and results-driven agency like WhiteHot was too good to be true, and I am proud to be serving amazing clients on a talented team today.


Little Known Facts …

Despite being shy in my earlier years, I quickly grew wings and was coined as the class clown of my graduating class. My ability to entertain led me to a television production vocational program at my high school. I was determined to work in the news and hosted our high school’s morning announcements show. Reporting about Salisbury steak for lunch, volleyball scores and spirit days didn’t land me in a seat at CNN, but I learned a lot about broadcast journalism, which I surprisingly still apply to my client work today.