Kate Jensen, Marketing Manager

A strategist, problem solver and creator by nature, I collaborate with clients on how to tell their stories in order to build strong connections between their brands and audiences. I love to bring comprehensive marketing visions to life by creating engaging content that sparks ongoing conversations, encourages meaningful customer relationships and positions clients as leaders within their industries.

I would say that I’m an avid learner with an innate desire to develop new skills. I really enjoy the process of immersing myself into each client’s world, whether it’s manufacturing, technology or multi-family housing. My favorite days are those I can help a client solve a problem, spend some time developing a new design or campaign, and perhaps even learn a new skill. In our agency, we work as a team but sometimes you just have to figure it out for yourself in the interest of time. And I love the challenge.

At Ball State University (where, like many students today, I did the just a little “extra time” after transferring from Indiana University) I studied public relations and digital publishing and graduated magna cum laude. I began my career as a marketing consultant for several companies in a wide variety of industries across Indiana, but really appreciated the business model and work values of WhiteHot Marketing.

Little Known Facts …

My parents have raised four daughters and still remain sane despite it all. In the second grade I was bitten by a tiger. It would never happen today, but the school let a professional bring in tiger cubs and the sassier of the two bit my knee. My parents now laugh about the message the school nurse left on the answering machine. “Your daughter has been bitten by a tiger, but is doing just fine.”

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