WhiteHot Marketing is a branding, communications and digital marketing agency focused on making indelible connections and starting meaningful conversations. Our team has equal passion for producing deep-rooted strategies and visionary ideas.

What We Do


We’ve created compelling brand stories, launched new companies and products, and given sustainable brands a fresh look.


We manage reputations and qualify opportunities with market studies, focus groups, research and online surveys.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

From developing sales processes to implementing CRM strategies, we align sales and marketing efforts to fill the funnel.

Marketing Strategy

Starting with a thorough plan of action, our deliverables help clients “get the word out” about their products and services.

Digital Marketing

From optimized websites to social media, online marketing should be at the core of any good marketing plan to drive leads.

Public Relations

Building buzz is a blast. But in the end, effective PR is about creating trust and nurturing solid, authentic relationships.

Blogs and News from WhiteHot Marketing

Move Aside Millennials: Hello Gen Z

Author: WhiteHot Marketing Intern Elizabeth Sutherland Move aside millennials; companies are starting to focus more marketing resources on reaching the next generation, Generation Z. While marketing and shaping strategies around millennials is still important, your...
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Four Tips to Elevate Your Brand

Whether your business is new on the scene or you’re trying to revitalize the image of a long-standing company, it’s always a good idea to consistently work on elevating your brand. Successful business owners strive to secure top of mind awareness and to be known for...
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Building Customer Loyalty Through Storytelling

Author: Jack Dolan, WhiteHot Marketing Intern “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” This story, known popularly as the shortest novel ever written, is commonly attributed to Ernest Hemingway, although no concrete evidence has been able to prove it. Yet in only 6 words...
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Preventing Product Fails with Market Research

Author: Elizabeth Sutherland, WhiteHot Marketing Intern Why is Marketing Research Important? Marketing decision-makers need to make the critical judgments based on meaningful data; otherwise, their marketing efforts may not only prove unsuccessful, but could even do...
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Social Media: Trends for Businesses in 2016

Author: Jack Dolan, WhiteHot Marketing Intern Social media has an ever-increasing presence in our world. From the creation of Myspace in 2003 (does anyone reading this even remember that?) by Tim Vanderhook to the eventual founding of Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg in...
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How To Tell Your Brand’s Story

To start us off, here are a few things your brand’s story isn’t (or shouldn’t be): A company history A way to tell people about your product/service Your founder’s biography So what is it? Your brand’s story should do two things. First, it should let potential...
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